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Add Pax Codes to gifts and products.

1 code saves 5m2 of intense biodiverse rainforest and stops 500kg of CO2 from reaching the atmosphere. Trace codes to get short information and GPS coordinates on where you're helping out.

A very easy way to make a small difference for our nature, wildlife and climate.

Trace a Pax Code to get information. Demo

A wild side to every thing

A footprint that's not only digital

Pax is a collaborative tool that supplies a solid

and simple infrastructure for any person or brand

who want to protect threathened habitats and wildlife.

Simply add unique Pax Codes to products that the

recipient can trace. We call it the Rainforest API.


1 code costs €2.5 and saves 5m2 of rainforest in Guanacaste, Costa Rica.


95% of funds go straight to protection.

5% to coordinate.

Pax consists of designers, technologists,

researchers and biologists with a common interest.

The park and the team have been in the area for

almost 30 years and is regarded as a role

model for protection projects around the planet.


The team behind Pax is:

Robin Frank (Incredible)

Dr Daniel Janzen (ACG)

Dr Winnie Hallwachs (University of Pennsylvania)

We like to keep things simple.

If you have any questions email us


All rainforest is protected and added to the National

Park Area de Conservacion Guanacaste and is

protected as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Looking for Pax Subscribe?

Pax Subscribe is retired, but you can trace all your pax here

The Rainforest API will soon be open.

Do you need codes now?